About the Association

JAMINFRANCE is a socio-cultural association established in 2017 by Edward Boucher, Jr. The Association's Secretariat is currently located in Clermont Ferrand, France.

In June 2021 the JAMINFRANCE received the Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Champion Award (JDAFCA) in the category of Community Development.

The Charter of Values

Charter of Values for the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France

The founding objectives of the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) are:

  • To promote Jamaican culture in France and French culture in Jamaica.

  • To facilitate the full integration of Jamaicans in France by offering support and solidarity to the Jamaican community in France.

  • To be a point of reference for the Jamaican government.

The values of the Association are described below:

Unity in Diversity: Jamaica’s motto is “Out of Many, One People,” and, as such, the Association welcomes nationals from other countries, namely those who have an interest in Jamaica/Jamaican culture, although the core membership consists of Jamaicans.

Libérté, Egalité, Fraternité: The Association welcomes members who believe in the French motto of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. The Association is, therefore, against all forms of discrimination and any action that infringes on the rights of its members. The Association also believes that freedom of expression comes with responsibility.

Integration: The Association encourages non-French/non-Francophone members to become active in French society. The Association endeavours to provide advice for and support events that facilitate integration.

Personal Engagement: The Association allows each member to feel at home and bring their expertise for the better functioning of the Association. Each member, in exchange, should be able to find a factor of fulfilment.

Solidarity: The Association stands in solidarity with its members in need in France and endeavours to assist through tangible and intangible actions as is possible.

Innovation: The Association continuously seeks to devise creative ways to keep members involved and recruit new members.

Conviviality: The Association, through the events that it organises, as well as those organised by its partners, allows members to meet in an atmosphere of exchange and mutual respect in order to promote the development of social ties and the expansion of business networks.

2022 Executive Members

Meet the new team during the first General Assembly of 2022 (Date TBC)


Vice President



Marketing Manager

2020-2021 Executive Members

Oneil Madden


Rhody-Ann Thorpe

Vice President

Ronique Small


Alex Denton


Trisann Logan

Marketing Manager