The Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) is pleased to partner with ROCK Care Foundation and Languesol International for the 2021 Round of CSEC/CAPE French Exam Grant Giveaways.

Application deadline: November 19, 2021 at noon Jamaican Time.

See flyer and contact Rock Care Foundation ( for more details.


During the 2021 virtual staging of the Jamaican Diaspora and Friends Champion Award ceremony, the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) was named Diaspora Champion in the category of Community Development for organisations. Jaminfrance was awarded for its service to Jamaica and the diaspora. Jaminfrance serves the Jamaican community in France, providing solidarity and helping our nationals to have a smooth stay, whether short or long term. This includes giving immigration advice, writing recommendation letters and liaising with other nationals in housing other country men, when the need arises.

While accepting the award, Mr. Oneil Madden, President of Jaminfrance, noted that “Over the last year we have worked extremely hard and it is humbling to see that our work is being recognized by our “Jiffers”, and friends. They believe in us and we are grateful. We remain faithful to our mantra of “one dream, one team and one mission”.

Mr. Madden also recalled three of the most impactful achievements over the past year, which include: (1) organising a successful gofundme campaign to fund repatriation costs of Jamaicans stranded in France due to covid-19; (2) sensitizing French nationals to Jamaican culture by organizing a “Jamaica-themed brunch” in Clermont-Ferrand. This event was very popular and went on to be featured in the local French newspaper (La Montagne); (3) Supporting highschool students who are pursuing CSEC/CAPE French by partnering with other entities to cover their examination fees.

The JAMINFRANCE association would like to thank its executive team, members and well-wishers, its partners in the associative, education, corporate and governmental sphere for their support throughout the years; and thanks especially the JDAFCA Organizing Committee for their kind recognition.


Our Association was shortlisted for an award in the category of community development !!

Please vote and Share the link with your friends and family so they can vote for us ✅ before the May 30 deadline:

Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) – JDAFCA

Voting is a two step process click ♥️ vote now above (JamInFrance) you will be sent a verification code to your email and then you enter the code to vote.

Mask Drive

The Association of Jamaican Nationals in France is currently spearheading a project in collaboration with a secondary school in Paris, to fabricate masks for a correctional center in Jamaica. Updates to follow.

CSEC/CAPE French Exam Grants

The Association of Jamaican Nationals in France in November 2020 partnered with ROCK Care Foundation and Languesol International Limited to offer French CSEC/CAPE examination grants to 15 high schoolers in Jamaica.

Compassionate Grants

In April 2020, The Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JaminFrance) partnered with Jamaicans Inspired UK, JAMFETE, JAYA, and Jamaica Swiss to organise a GoFundMe campaign to provide financial assistance to Jamaicans stranded in France due to Covid-19. A target of 5000€ was set in order to provide "compassionate grants" which could help cover persons':

  • Flights back to Jamaica (max 500€/person)

  • Accommodation costs in France (max 200€/person)

  • Food (max 60€/person)

  • Personal amenities (max 50€/person)

Even though this target was not met, we are grateful to all our donors who rallied around the cause and helped us raise 65% of the amount sought.

We would now like to disburse the funds and therefore invite persons in need to apply for the grant.

The application period will be from June 3-17, 2020 which will also cover the period needed for us to retrieve the donations from the GoFundMe website, minus their charges. Please see form for more information.